About us

Who we are

We will provide the right employee for your business. They will be certified and trained, and will be provided with work documents that will allow them to work in Canada for at least two years.

Talent Power will be able to increase your workforce through foreign labour.

Talent Power is focused in providing skilled trade personnel that are hard to obtain.

We understand that every employer has a great need for a reliable and stable workforce to plan and maintain sustainable growth for your business.
Good access to qualified personnel can make a substantial difference between your business and your competitors business.

Consultants in Canada

We have a deep knowledge of business skills; For example, welders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, hospitality staff, telecommunications, electronics and IT support staff.

We have excellent knowledge of the Colombian, Mexican and Filipino workforce, which guarantees professional results.

Most of our candidates plan to live in Canada permanently. As Canada offers several programs for those who wish to immigrate, we guide them through the best option for them. We provide foreign workers with immigration advice. In these reports, we inform the foreign worker about the possibilities of obtaining permanent residence. This is very beneficial for the employer and for the foreign worker. Permanent residency could be issued near the end of our contract and would allow the worker to stay permanently with his company.

The possibility of obtaining a permanent residence reinforces the commitment and loyalty of workers of your company, we will keep you updated at all times until the end of this process.